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Atmosphere is the world’s largest streaming TV service for businesses
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Atmosphere is the world’s largest streaming TV service for businesses, offering original, audio-optional TV channels. Atmosphere’s TV channels fill the void for businesses in a world dominated by linear cable TV suited for at-home viewing. Businesses enjoy the value of running their own marketing promotions and house ads within Atmosphere’s content by utilizing a simple Digital Signage feature, allowing for further revenue generation. Atmosphere was incubated under Chive Media Group and was spun out in early 2019.

Atmosphere Channels
Atmosphere Channels


Atmosphere embarked on developing a product along with a streaming platform supporting digital signage. The product was unique and Atmosphere decided to augment the in-house expertise with a partner that could supply the programming and engineering skill set not found in house. With Atmosphere steering each stage of the project, Bay Area Coders was chosen to be that partner and collaborator.

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Product planning

Bay Area Coders consultants assisted in the brainstorm and identification of optimal technologies to utilize in building out an architecture of the final product. The teams worked collaboratively to set out a road-map and milestones to be achieved maximizing the available expertise.