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Chive Media Group consists of a family of websites, applications and OTT channels


Founded in 2008, Chive Media Group consists of a family of websites, applications and OTT channels, including its flagship brands theCHIVE and theBERRY. The brand extends into eCommerce sites, specifically The Chivery, Buy Me Brunch and William Murray Golf. In 2010, Chive Media Group established Chive Charities, a non-profit organization that inspires theCHIVE’s online community to champion orphaned causes in need of public awareness and financial assistance. Finally, Chive Media Group owns a streaming entertainment channel, CHIVE TV, an in-house production company, Chive Studios, and a sales and media operation division with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and San Francisco. Chive Media Group is headquartered in Austin with 170 full-time employees nationwide.

The Chive Logos
The Chive Logos


Chive Media Group set out to improve the user experience across all their portfolio products, offer improved features, remove technical debt in their key products, and finally embark on new product development. The need was specific – taking the existing architecture and taking it to the next level by optimizing the efficiency and quality of the technologies already in place. Their focus was to onboard experienced engineers for a predefined period of time, to assist with the needs of these specific projects. They found that partner in Bay Area Coders (BAC).

Phase 1

A team of three BAC developers were integrated into the Chive Media Group development team, and tasked with improving the user experience of the most used features of Chive products. This involved implementing significant changes to how the products currently functioned. It also involved moving from a server side rendering model over to a frontend rendering model with a RESTful backend. The BAC team built out different prototypes and through multiple iterations arrived at the optimal solution. Website components were refactored and upgraded in small iterative steps. This allowed continuous deployments and fast results which optimized the user experience, performance and stability of the solutions throughout the whole process.


Phase 1 image
Phase 1 image

Phase 2

Upon successful completion of the initial project , Bay Area Coders was taken on as an ongoing partner in the design and implementation and iteration of current and new products for the brand. Currently, our UI/UX designers support the design process of several projects for the brand, and our front and backend teams support the implementation and management of the same.

Alen Durbuzovic Resignation Media, CTO
San Francisco company consisting of exceptional remote engineers specializing in web and mobile design and development.

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